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President -- John Carolan

1st Vice-President/ Wagon Master -- Joyce Carolan

2nd Vice-President/ Assistant Wagon Master -- Galan Smith

Secretary -- Betty (Boop) Smith

Treasurer -- Suzanne Salter

National Director -- Dan Garcia







We welcome all adults interested in RVing to join us.  Membership in FMCA is our only requirement.  We offer a relaxed atmosphere where new and experienced RVers can find support, information, networking, education, meet new people and have a good time.  You can participate in any of our planned events or just kick back and unwind for the rally. 



We are a diverse group, coming from many different walks of life.  Our members generally range in age from 30ish to 70+ but anyone over 18 can attend. Some are retired, some employed; members drive trailers, vans, and varying sizes and types of motorhomes. Many members have pets, including cats, dogs, bunnies and birds; and there are a variety of interests and hobbies represented.  Our only criteria is love of the RV life and a desire to share a pleasant respite with other RVer's.

Our wagonmaster makes arrangements for a campground where we get together for camping.  Each outing is as varied as our membership and the RV resort which we attend. The host decides what activities will occur. There is frequently some sort of gathering for the evening meal.  We often join each other for breakfast but there is no requirement that any member attend any group event.  Feel free to come, join in, or do things on your own. 




You are encouraged to bring your pets to our outings. You may be pleasantly surprised at the large numbers of dogs attendees bring to our outings. In addition to dogs we have seen members bring cats, birds, and so on.




You are welcome to attend one or two of our events to "check us out" before joining Gold Diggers.


For anyone planning to attend one of our events for the first time:


  • Watch this website for information about the event. Go to EVENTS for a schedule of the entire year's rallies. Go to CHAPTER FILES > NEWSLETTERS for applications for each event and for a weekly schedule of events at a given rally.

  • You may want to read our Letter to Prospective Members.

  • Things to bring:​

  • Your own plate, utensils, napkins and beverage(s) of your choice to all planned meals or food gatherings.

  • Remember to bring enough supplies for the length of your trip, since many resorts are off the beaten path and/or do not have onsite stores.

  • The Host will usually inform participants if additional or unusual supplies are needed.



We look forward to meeting you.


















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